PictoGraff: The Art of Warprayer


Honored to be curating this #ArrowsoulArt event that will give create his and her stories in the city of #lascrucesnm. The power of color will be unleashed on the public Friday May 1st 2015 @westendartdepot 5pm. With #Homegrownm #NewMexico artists #NaniChacon #JayceeBeyale #RepOneTWS #KillaCamTWS Followed by a #Livepainting Showcase Saturday May 2nd 9am at the Branigan Cultural Center and Las Cruces Museum of Art.


What happened on this weekend….

On Friday May 1st my brother Jaycee Beyale made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico. With a plan in order to start the initial layout of him and Nani Chacon’s mural design. They were both scheduled to showcase and paint a mural for an event titled “Pictograff” at the Branigan Cultural Center. An event I was contracted to coordinate. With stipend I decided to fund more paint and find a privately owned wall located in the heart of Las Cruces. I wanted to bless the people with a full size cultural piece from 2 of New Mexico’s most respected muralists, Since we will be hosting them for a few days. I knew we would be able to finish 2 murals in 2 days with Aerosol as the medium.

While painting the background on Friday morning the workers from the Las Cruces visitors bureau arrived to find us beautifying they’re building. Seems the building owner, whom I had received permission from days earlier had become ill and was unable to relay message to tenants that we were to begin mural immediately. Therefore began to threaten us with vandalism charges and calling us criminals. Saying we had no permission to paint on a city run business without the proper juried “branding” process. Stating this mural has no significant reflection of the Las Cruces community.

During commotion the local newspaper caught wind that the city might be painting over the mural. Ran the story and in two days I say about morethan half of the Las Cruces population came out in support of the mural and flooded social media with positive and negative feedback of “Public Art” and why they want the mural to stay. We as artists did not expect this whole hurricane would come out of applying paint to a wall. At time we were unsure of ourselves and felt like we were not going to finish this project but continued to push thru the heat and with help from the community and a simple visit from a local elementary school we gathered all the energy needed and won the battle between Art & Business.

Painted by Nani Chacon, Jaycee Beyale, Warren Montoya, Patience Sabaque and SABA Located in Downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico
Painted by Nani Chacon, Jaycee Beyale, Warren Montoya, Patience Sabaque and SABA Located in Downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico






In the Beginning There was Hip Hop....
In the Beginning There was Hip Hop….

Indigenous Expression also known as Hip Hop: Roots of the world.
Since the beginning there was beats rockin to the drum, footsteps groovin with the earth and pigments opening visions of time, While the eldest spoke of great stories. These elements know today as Arrowsoul Art, DJing, Breakdance and Emceeing aka Hip Hop.
We as humans emerged from earth and have a scared connection to this place that nurtures our plants, houses the water that fuels the life of everything and is used to build our homes. Think about it, When the rain comes we celebrate thru song & dance, paint glyphs on walls to see his&herstories of good and bad harvest seasons. Creating the maps that will bring us full circle to our traditional way of life. Hip hop is this expression that moves thru ones soul in celebration of our connection to each other.
Lost in a golden game of world domination and fast food. Hip Hop budded on film in the 70s and flowered in the early 80s with Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Phase 2, Ken Swift and many many more Grandfathers of this rooted community. They battled horrible living conditions, drugs, poverty and substance abuse with the strength of a windmill, bringing water up from the underground and drowning borders. Opening hearts, building tribes and spreading love and knowledge of this ancient tradition.
Love that was felt by Southwest practitioners such as The Culture Shock Camp, DJ Cedro, Foundations Of Freedom, TNR, PFR, FSC, 3HC, TWS, BY and United Kings to name a few. Culture Shock Camp, XFRX, Native Health Initiative, WOME and Style Elements Crews have made the sacred connection to our Indigenous Roots, Bridging the gap to our ancestors and ensuring our future.
Water is life, feed YOUR roots!



REMIND (Style Elements Crew)
QUESE IMC (Culture Shock Camp)

ARTSON (Style Elements Crew)

WALATOWA MASSIVE (Jemez Pueblo Reggae)







3HC BBOYS (Santa Fe

Color Codes 2014

Its an honor to paint with this line-up of Artists, this weekend We will be headed up north to Des Moines, IA to beautify their city! The Next Revolution for Des Moines’s Arrowsoul’s out there bringing an array of color to a mostly Black & White World. Special shout out to my man Asphate Woodhavet of Maxilla Blue for the invite and his ninja abilities in creating swords out of irons in the fire. Hip Hop will continue if there are more heads out there listening to his music.

“A graf event like Color Codes isn’t a gallery exhibit with a static display of art. People are painting large scale on walls, trucks and shipping containers outdoors — with their creations happening in real time. You get to experience everything coming alive.” – ‘PHATE
Color Codes 2014



3rd Annual Illegal? Arrowsoul Art Show/ Graffiti Battle in Las Cruces, New Mexico

(Click on Flyer to RSVP)
(Click on Flyer to RSVP)

They say things happen in 3’s (Taa’) I guess we’ll have to see these things happen on Saturday February 22nd, 2014. We celebrate an artform that has been practiced for thousands of years in this very intersection to the south. We have always used the walls as a way to communicate in different times! So we come together again during the month of love. Bringing with us beautiful colors for the spring season!
This year will beheld at the West End Art Depot again and also throughout the town at various locations. The battles start when the sun breaks the Organ Mountains and will last all day till 5pm. There after a feast at WEAD for the artist that have participated. Soundchecks and Art hanging session will take place in the Gallery until opening doors at 8pm. Gallery and wallspace available by request at sabawear@gmail.com. If you bring pieces in before Feb. They will be involved for our 1st Friday Gallery Opening.

First Illegal? Art Show…

Sabor Por Vida 2013

Spring 2012 the Gadsden High School Student Union painted a mural on the ROTC building celebrating Chicano his and herstories that bring pride to the native peoples that have been workin this land. With Alec Greenwald and Arturo Uribe both teachers at Gadsden University of Makin it Happen! These friends thought it would be a good idea to hang out again and add some colors to this resource center thru “graffiti/streetart/aroesolart/spaypaintasamedium/art/applyingcolorstothewall/petroglyphs etc… May 18th is the date for this celebration of community. Good tunes, Good Creations and Good food… Lots of people working together and exchanging ideas and sustainablitiy knowledge for the Mesilla Valley Peoples Down to Earth Cooperative….



Roots, Riddem and Refreshing!
Roots, Riddem and Refreshing!
Biglove to the Mesquite Community and local and traveling artist that blessed this wall thru they're fingertips! Everyone that has been working together to make this event and vision happen!
Biglove to the Mesquite Community and local and traveling artist that blessed this wall thru they’re fingertips! Everyone that has been working together to make this event and vision happen!

The Hour Has Arrived…..Santa Fe Indian Market 2012

From what I know.. For the first time in Indian Market History Graffiti will be aknowledged as an art form…. We will be painting during the Market. I am honoed to be apart of this historic event. Bigup to Jaque Fragua for working on this project and everyone else involved!

Click here to donate 🙂 >> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1435204676/the-hour-has-arrived







Mural artist uses graffiti art to make indigenous presence known
If Jaque Fragua had only five more dollars in his pocket, he would buy spray paint and paint some walls while it lasts. “I don’t believe art is a luxury,” said Fragua, a multimedia artist who is part of the American Indian Mural Krew. “It’s a way of life; it’s something that’s necessary.”
Fragua, a Native American from the Walatowa village of the Jemez Pueblo, along with a few local and non-local artists, has completed a mural at Court Youth Center depicting Native culture and the Native presence here in Las Cruces and New Mexico.

Biglove and Blessings Fam!

Come back and visit us soon….