“FRESH and HOT OFF The PRESS” aka “LIVE” screen printing is  Something we collectively set out to do. Once I met Adam Parker and we attended a t-shirt party at one of Albuquerque’s finest galleries know as “The Trillion Space” Located in the heart of downtown Burque, New Mexico in early 05. I was finishing up my apprenticeship with local screen printing legends Jahbee and Shorty of JB Graphics. Teamed up with AP and James Venter Black of Trill Space and set out on our Live screen printing assault on Albuquerque. We all continue and still like to smash shows together every now and then… Bigup to the New Mexico Fam far and wide that are on they’re grind and continue to support your local printers!


JB graphics 2005




Magic Soulbus Tour 2017


The TRILLION Space crew: James Black, Adam Parker, Saba and Patience gettin it in at Warehouse508’s annual Plazapaloosa celebration in civic plaza, downtown Albuquerque.

Design and Live Printing for DJ Numark of Jurassic 5
Live printing for Rashaan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers.

Shawna keepin it organized behind the booth during Breakin Hearts.

8th Annual Breakin Hearts 2010

Design and Live prints for DJ Z-TRIP in Burque.

Live prints for legendary Albuquerque based crew Mantis Fist of Skullcontrol Records. RIP Oki Zen..

OG Boardman” from the “Groove A Trons” Los Angeles, CA

Earthday 2011

Bigup to DJ Jazzy Jeff truely a legend on the decks! Bigthanks to Dj Flipz for having me in the place to be! Dj Ash you know whats up brotha!


Live Prints for Myka Nyne of Freestyle Fellowship in December of 2011. Bigthanks to Envee for hookin that up!

One thought on “Fresh & Hot Off the Press: Live Screen Printing

  1. I bought an Indigenous People’s Day tee shirt during The Gathering of Nations. The one with the red hand print. Ppl have seen mine and are interested in purchasing one. But I don’t find it on your web site.

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