Since the late 80s there has been an ongoing monthly ARTS movement landing on the 1st Friday of every month. At least that’s what Wikipedia stated. With the intent to brighten up the darkest parts of the city with beautiful colors, lots of people and of course mind altering paintings and performances that will help one to pause and appreciate the beauty of life. While nerding out on social and political views of our civilized society!
You are cordially invited to come support such a movement with worldclass artists hailing from the Southwest regions of this North American paradise.


4th Annual Illegal? Arrowsoul Art Show in Las Cruces, New Mexico



Nearly Every Sign Written will direct the reader to a certain destination. All humans have the erge to leave a mark or message to the next person traveling the same path. Las Cruces or “The Crosses” has been the grounds for ceremony since before timex. Being a gateway to all directions of the compass, many cultures have exchanged styles, technique and visions thru drum beats, dance, wall art and story telling as in Hueco Tanks and the Organ Mountains are blessed with many pieces from different crews since way before timex had your wrists locked.

The first show…

Color Codes 2014

Its an honor to paint with this line-up of Artists, this weekend We will be headed up north to Des Moines, IA to beautify their city! The Next Revolution for Des Moines’s Arrowsoul’s out there bringing an array of color to a mostly Black & White World. Special shout out to my man Asphate Woodhavet of Maxilla Blue for the invite and his ninja abilities in creating swords out of irons in the fire. Hip Hop will continue if there are more heads out there listening to his music.

“A graf event like Color Codes isn’t a gallery exhibit with a static display of art. People are painting large scale on walls, trucks and shipping containers outdoors — with their creations happening in real time. You get to experience everything coming alive.” – ‘PHATE
Color Codes 2014