The Hour Has Arrived…..Santa Fe Indian Market 2012

From what I know.. For the first time in Indian Market History Graffiti will be aknowledged as an art form…. We will be painting during the Market. I am honoed to be apart of this historic event. Bigup to Jaque Fragua for working on this project and everyone else involved!

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Mural artist uses graffiti art to make indigenous presence known
If Jaque Fragua had only five more dollars in his pocket, he would buy spray paint and paint some walls while it lasts. “I don’t believe art is a luxury,” said Fragua, a multimedia artist who is part of the American Indian Mural Krew. “It’s a way of life; it’s something that’s necessary.”
Fragua, a Native American from the Walatowa village of the Jemez Pueblo, along with a few local and non-local artists, has completed a mural at Court Youth Center depicting Native culture and the Native presence here in Las Cruces and New Mexico.

Biglove and Blessings Fam!

Come back and visit us soon….