Arrowsoul Mural at Western New Mexico University 2015

WNMU Mural by SABA


Good times traveling with the fam in our beautiful state! Thank you Native American Club of Western New Mexico University in Silver City and faculty that helped to create a presence of Indigenous Spirit in and around this institution. We had a great time inspiring the creative nature in all of us! Shout out to my dude Vicente Partido for taking the time to write this article! I was actually raised in Farmington, New Mexico and come from both Navajo and Jemez roots. Blessing and love to my family preparing for feast day tomorrow! We’ll be thinking of you!

Time to fight back…..

Recently, the walls painted by long time graffiti legends was painted over! These walls were legally paint and okay'd by the owner of the property. With no signs of negative connotation or offensive imagery, These walls were painted to beautify a plain grey wall and bring some color to many people’s lives! Without any kind of question or warning the pieces of art were vandalize by the city of Albuquerque! With this type of disrespect comes the natural reaction but to go to battle… We are at a point when we have the knowledge and skills to fight back in an “official” way. Need not be intimidated by a fancy suit, nor fancy language. Bottom line the city trespassed and vandalized a legally commissioned work of art! Help support Burque’s quest in these matters of loving service to better our community thru the arts.