5th Annual Illegal? Art Show & Pictograff Battle



For the past 5 years, Illegal? has left an imprint on the city of Las Cruces, literally. We will continue to push the cap on the can and produce beautiful vibrant murals that many will appreciate and techniques that others will never understand…

This year will kick off with an Indigenous perspective about ARROWSOUL at the 3rd annual IWOK conference on
THURSDAY May 5th, 2016 held at New Mexico State University.Guest Speakers, Live art and Hip Hop performances
More info TBA…

FRIDAY May 6th @ 5PM will be the gallery opening for PICTOGRAFF: The Art of Warprayer at The Branigan Cultural Center and Museum in downtown Las Cruces. Works by ILASH, RELEASE, WOAR 2 and many more New Mexico based artists.

SATURDAY May 7th @ 9AM – 2PM will continue with PICTOGRAFF’s Live Art showcase outside the Museum of Art during the Farmers and Crafts Market with Mural installation by participating artists.
*Selected walls throughout Las Cruces will be painted by local and visiting artists all day.

ILLEGAL? ART SHOW & BATTLE @ Barricade Culture Shop
Gallery Opening / Reception
DJ’s & Live Performances TBA
*for battles and walls contact Saba Wear


4th Annual Illegal? Arrowsoul Art Show in Las Cruces, New Mexico



Nearly Every Sign Written will direct the reader to a certain destination. All humans have the erge to leave a mark or message to the next person traveling the same path. Las Cruces or “The Crosses” has been the grounds for ceremony since before timex. Being a gateway to all directions of the compass, many cultures have exchanged styles, technique and visions thru drum beats, dance, wall art and story telling as in Hueco Tanks and the Organ Mountains are blessed with many pieces from different crews since way before timex had your wrists locked.

The first show…

3rd Annual Illegal? Arrowsoul Art Show/ Graffiti Battle in Las Cruces, New Mexico

(Click on Flyer to RSVP)
(Click on Flyer to RSVP)

They say things happen in 3’s (Taa’) I guess we’ll have to see these things happen on Saturday February 22nd, 2014. We celebrate an artform that has been practiced for thousands of years in this very intersection to the south. We have always used the walls as a way to communicate in different times! So we come together again during the month of love. Bringing with us beautiful colors for the spring season!
This year will beheld at the West End Art Depot again and also throughout the town at various locations. The battles start when the sun breaks the Organ Mountains and will last all day till 5pm. There after a feast at WEAD for the artist that have participated. Soundchecks and Art hanging session will take place in the Gallery until opening doors at 8pm. Gallery and wallspace available by request at sabawear@gmail.com. If you bring pieces in before Feb. They will be involved for our 1st Friday Gallery Opening.

First Illegal? Art Show…

Eternally Present

Here it is! The fresh new solo album from my Dine’ Brotha Def-I. Do yourself a favor and download it FREE! Thats right! Def is always on it! Traveling from state to state, Rockin show for crowds from 100’s in attendence to even a few heads. Coming with fire every time! Def  is a very inspiring Native Artist that is keepin it real for both his Indigenous and Hip Hop Cultures and continues to exceed and set the bar for others in the game. Big thanks Def for staying on it and keeping the music true…