On Sunday December 12th 2000 and 10 The Native Health Initiative held our annual award ceremony for the work we have done in 2010. La Plazita being the beautiful place it is proudly opened they’re doors for us and fellow orginizations to look back and build for future projects. Among the awards we had H.O.P.E. (Hiphop Offers Positive Expression) BBoy/Girl Showcase with Bgirl Christin’s students. exhibition of traditional dance from Vaughn, Child of All Nations offering traditional healing. Bigthanks to Albino for giving a safe haven for the youths in the South Valley Community! Last, I proudly rocked this piece of a cornstalk producing the elements of Hiphop to sustain future generstions!

Anthony Fleg and I wit that gangsta steez...
Last min touch ups..
Thank you Creator!
Finished Piece

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