8 thoughts on “T-Shirts

  1. The tshirts I bought in Las Cruces are getting handed out to my famz this holiday season in Canada! Keep up the amazing work! Saba

  2. These shirts rock my socks off. Wanna order at least 5 designs and send some back me to rep out in MT. This is the kind of art that acts as catalysts. Inspiring our true nature and spreading the messages discreetly but powerfully. Keep up the good work. And reply to order info email so we can sport these designs

  3. Amazing work great talent! Thank you for everything you did for our children and community here on San Pasqual Rez.

  4. Found your work through @purplecatsinslacks on ig, wearing one of your tees. So stoked to see the work of other rad brown folx. Love your talent and appreciate the labor going into them, and will be saving up for one of your creations soon ❤ !!!

  5. What up Saba? This Pedro we met at the fair in Shiprock. Just wanted to say your shirts are Dop3 AF. Stay UP and Stay Original my Native. God Bless.

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