TUESDAY JUNE 21, 2016 @ 7PM Barricade Culture Shop LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO. This event is to bring local/regional Beat Makers and Emcees together with legendary Los Angeles Hip Hop pioneer and professional recording artist Abstract Rude along side San Diego’s TheLIEshow (Live Hip Hop Band) / Austin,TX’s Meganoke Meganoke and Las Cruces own Dj Pervee. Producers: Bring your best beats for 1minute rounds, Emcees: Bring your best song to perform live. ALL AGES 12 and under FREE, $5 Adults and $20 to participate. Graff Heads: Walls open at 12pm, bring your own paint.beatsyourhymeanytime-abrtact-rude-barricade-las-cruces-2016

Eternally Present

Here it is! The fresh new solo album from my Dine’ Brotha Def-I. Do yourself a favor and download it FREE! Thats right! Def is always on it! Traveling from state to state, Rockin show for crowds from 100’s in attendence to even a few heads. Coming with fire every time! Def  is a very inspiring Native Artist that is keepin it real for both his Indigenous and Hip Hop Cultures and continues to exceed and set the bar for others in the game. Big thanks Def for staying on it and keeping the music true…