TUESDAY JUNE 21, 2016 @ 7PM Barricade Culture Shop LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO. This event is to bring local/regional Beat Makers and Emcees together with legendary Los Angeles Hip Hop pioneer and professional recording artist Abstract Rude along side San Diego’s TheLIEshow (Live Hip Hop Band) / Austin,TX’s Meganoke Meganoke and Las Cruces own Dj Pervee. Producers: Bring your best beats for 1minute rounds, Emcees: Bring your best song to perform live. ALL AGES 12 and under FREE, $5 Adults and $20 to participate. Graff Heads: Walls open at 12pm, bring your own paint.beatsyourhymeanytime-abrtact-rude-barricade-las-cruces-2016


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